Research in the Nguyen group is approached from a collaborative and interdisciplinary perspective.  Currently, the group is divided into three main subgroups: Porous Materials, Graphene/Graphene Oxide, and Biomaterials.

Drug Delivery and Detection

We are committed to the development of vehicles to safely and effectively administer therapeutic agents and to pursue new and improved disease detection technologies. To this end, we are currently pursuing research into ROMP-based polymer nanoparticles, polymer-caged liposomes, ROMP-based DNA detection, and fundamental DNA interactions.

Metal-Organic Frameworks and Porous Organic Materials

Research on porous materials in the Nguyen group involves developing strategies for rationally constructing MOFs with structural and chemical diversity via post-synthesis modification and incorporation of metalloporphyrin catalysts into MOFs.

Surface Chemistry

In an effort to develop new and interesting materials with improved properties and to understand the chemistry occurring on these interfaces, we are currently pursuing research in the following areas: silicon surface chemistry, polymer-inorganic nanocomposites, graphene nanocomposites, and modeling environmental interfaces.